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A Pictorial History of Melbourne Drag

Rainbow Awards 2006
A Pictorial History of Melbourne Drag
Amanda Monroe
Anita Mann
Aurora Australis
Cherry Ripe
Connie Lingus
Debra Le Gae
Doug Lucas
Dulcie Du Jour
Emerald Stone
Gloria Golddigger
Jacqui Roberts
Jamie Lee Skye
Jessica Lee
Jordan Foxx
Kaye Sera
Kerrie Le Gore
Laura Gravity
Linda Lamont
Lucee Lastic
Lucy Loosebox
Maddison Jones
Michelle Tozer
Millie Minogue
Miss Candee
Miss Jane
Nikki Mayne
Nova China
Pussy Willow
Rita Le Coqueater
Shireen Sequin
Slash Darling
Sue Ridge
Swish Evereddy
Tabitha Turlington
Tina Sparkles
Vivien St James
Zowie Knox
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So many of our girls have come and gone some retired and some have passed  to the other side where i'm sure there are bigger and better stages, bigger and better hair, much brighter spot lights and make up that would even stun Dame Edna.
Some of these history making performers are still performing today which makes them the greats of Melbourne and possibly Australian Drag 
This page is dedicated to
Tracy Twat, Rosie, Kitten, the great Trish Barrie
the only person on this site who is not a Drag Queen
The Amazing
Jan Hillier 


Doug Lucas and Kerrie La Gore, two of the greatest of all time. Both Rainbow Award Life Time Achievement winners, snapped here in the back of a dressing room.


The Late Great Trish (John) Barrie with a cute boy (who later became Divanna Lorette)  in
1998 at the DIVA Awards where she was given the
Life Time Achiement Award
Trish ran the now famous and legendary Trisha's Coffee Shop in North Melbourne which ran for 25 years giving many drag performers a start to their career including Dianna Lee, Anita Mann, Rene Scott and her closest friend Emerald Stone
Trish along with Jan Hillier fought for years to have
recognized gay venues and functions. In her early days as John Barrie, Trish was a song and dance man who featured in several Hollywood movies.
Trish died in 1999 and was laid to rest in Ballarat where she had retired to. Many from all over Australia converged on Ballarat to pay their respects. Some say Trish was in her mid 70's but people closest to her believe she was well into her 80's but no one will ever really know 


The great Tracy Twat who died
in the midd 90's. From exorcizing
the fat spirits out of Dulcie DuJour
to camp take offs with Dawn Sindrome
on Tuesday nights at 3 Faces night
club.Thanks for some of the campest
and funniest times Melbourne has
ever seen Tracy
(Photo courtesy of Focus Magazine archives)


Tracy Twat - Melbourne's answer to
Divine and Pink Flamingoes
(Photo coutesy of Focus Magazine archives)


A great shot of Tracy Twat with
Miss Synthetic and Mary Lou
(Photo courtesy of Focus Magazine archives)


The amazing PZR show ran from 1997
through to 1999 featuring the costuming
brilliance of Rita, the campness of Paris,
the talent and production of Zowie Knox
and the host with the most Kerrie Le Gore
(Photo coutesy of Focus Magazine archives)


(Photo provided by Mr Laurie Dunstan of Saturday Night Greyhound)
Tootsie (centre) and Dianna Lee (back)
both members of the original Social
Identity Show in the mid 1990's where
Tootsie became an icon. Dianna Lee
on the other hand was a Wanda Jackson
Les Girl, an Extreme and performed
for years with the great Trish (John) Barrie
at the legendary Trisha's Coffee Shop.
Dianna who has retired from shows had
a career that spanned over 20 years.
However our girl Tootsie who is reported
to be around 170 years of age is still doing
it when ever she gets a chance. She can
often be seen on stages around Melbourne


The unfogettable Pokies featuring
dancers, Doug Lucas as the host,
Debra Le Gae, Rene Scott, Terri
Tinsel, Sheree Le More, Wanda
Jackson, jaqui Roberts and Mchelle
Toser in the cast . The show ran
for over 12 years every Sunday night
A tribute to the creativity and foresight
of Doug Lucas and Jan Hillier
(Photo courtesy of Focus Magazine Archives)


The great Terri Tinsel who stared
as one of the original cast members
of the Pokies. She was with Pokies
at the begining and right to the end
(Photo courtesy of Doug Lucas)


Aunty Glad. She was never short
of being over the top. Glad really
got it, the whole Drag thing that is,
just like Gloria Golddigger. Bizzar is
a word I would use to discribe the
person that was Aunty Glad


Dear Rosie. We had our ups and
downs but we were friends. She
was Killed tragicly. I wish I could
say much more about her death 
but I'd probably end up in court.


The amazing Miss Rene Scott
who should have been given
a Life Time Achievement Award
years ago. Who could ever
forget her in Pokies and her
rendition of "I am telling you".
I wish I could have done it half
as good
(Photo courtesy of Doug Lucas)


Kitten who came to prominance in
2000 sadly passed away in 2004


As a Transsexual Sharon Star
fought discrimination after she
was sacked from work for becoming
transgender. She took it to court
and became the first transgender
person to win and set a test case for
all transgender people.


A picture of Doreen Manganini in the
early days of her career who was
origional discovered in Sydney by
Kerrie Le Gore and bought to
Melbourne to do production shows.
She featured with Le Gore, Miss
Candee and Zowie Knox in what
is in my opinion one of the greatest
Melbourne drag shows "Liptix"
( Photo coutesy of Focus Magazine archives)


( Photo coutesy of Focus Magazine archives)


What a trasformation. This is a picture
of Doreen  8 years on in Melbourne
who became at the time Melbourne's
biggest star. hosting shows such as
PZR, Doreen's D Day, Doreens Wonder
World with some camp old bitch as
barrel girl (Jamie Lee Skye) and a host
of other shows. Doreen won more
awards than can be counted including
Rainbows and DIVAs. She won the
Gold DIVA in 1998 for best performer
Doreen is still teading the boards  in
Sydney departing Melbourne in 2000
(phot coutesy of Focus Magazine Achives)


Doreen with an armful of Rainbow Awards
( Photo coutesy of Focus Magazine archives)


Divanna Lorette came to prominance in
1998 with the Dream Girls show which ran
for almost five years and featured in the
NFI show in 2004 / 2005. She recently moved
to Sydney and is now undertaking other
ventures (Photo provided by DRJ Wood and taken by ICANDY)


The only Drag Entertainer that needs no
introduction. Star of so much including
the Troll Dolls, Lipstix, La Gore's Back
Yard, the Exchange Hotel and 3 Faces
Night Club, just to name a few of one of
Melbourne's longest lists of credits.
With a career spanning well over 30 years
there is prossibly nobody who has done
more for the Melbourne Gay and Drag


The amazing Debra Le Gae. The Star of
Les Girls, Play Girls, and a host of many
other shows. Debra featured for almost
15 years in the Pokies at the Prince of
Wales Hotel in St.Kilda as one of the 
most beautiful transsexuals in
Melbourne's history
In 1968 she was conscripted to the
Vietnam war, fortunately she was
performing in Sammy Lee's Les Girls
in Kings Cross. Debra arrived in our
very own Melbourne in 1970 to open
Melbourne's Les Girls for twelve
months and is still here 36 years later.
She is a Life Time Achievment Award
winner with a Diva Award in 1999 and
a Rainbow in 2004


"Tea For Two" and Mr. Doug Lucas.
The star of the now legendary Pokies
and Mulcay's Queer Caberet to name
just a few. Doug has done everything
there is to do in Drag. He was one of
the first to take Drag to the straight
main stream community.
Doug has, like me, been around for
1000 years give or take a couple of
hundred. More give than take I expect.
Doug is a multiple award winner and
Drag Icon all over Australia. He is
still performing somewhere every


The amazing Paris. For some twenty plus
years Paris has been entertaining straight
and gay audiences alike. She has featured
in so many shows they are to many to list
however some of the greatest have been
Fab Three, PZR and the current Rainbow
Award winning smash hit The Classics.
Paris has made a career out of Drag.
She has dontated thousands of hours to
doing charity shows to assist the gay
community of Melbourne.
Being awarded the 2005 Rainbow Life Time
Achievemnet is recognition of the service
she has given to the gay community and
to stage entertainment in general.



Just a few places where you
can see some of the girls doing
their thing each week

Shed 16 Night Club
16 Cumberland Drive Seaford
Greyhound Hotel Saturday nights
1 Brighton Rd St. Kilda
Heavens Door
Commercial Rd South Yarra
Xchange Hotel Five Nights a week
Commercial Rd Sth Yarra
DIVA Bar Five Nights a week
Commercial Rd Sth Yarra
Pink Saturday Nights
Inkerman St. St.Kilda
Market Hotel
Commercial Rd Sth Yarra
Star Hotel - Lotus Night on Wednesdays
Hoddle St Collingwood
Peel Dance Bar
Crn Peel and Wellington St. Collingwood
DT's Hotel - Saturday nights
Church St. Richmond
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