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Rainbow Awards 2006
A Pictorial History of Melbourne Drag
Amanda Monroe
Anita Mann
Aurora Australis
Cherry Ripe
Connie Lingus
Debra Le Gae
Doug Lucas
Dulcie Du Jour
Emerald Stone
Gloria Golddigger
Jacqui Roberts
Jamie Lee Skye
Jessica Lee
Jordan Foxx
Kaye Sera
Kerrie Le Gore
Laura Gravity
Linda Lamont
Lucee Lastic
Lucy Loosebox
Maddison Jones
Michelle Tozer
Millie Minogue
Miss Candee
Miss Jane
Nikki Mayne
Nova China
Pussy Willow
Rita Le Coqueater
Shireen Sequin
Slash Darling
Sue Ridge
Swish Evereddy
Tabitha Turlington
Tina Sparkles
Vivien St James
Zowie Knox
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Melbourne Drag Emporium

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Drag has been an amazing experience for me. I met so many famous people and been involved in to many shows to list. I have had the pleasure of making some of my closest friends and I have met performed with the two loves of my life. It has been an amazing life and a wonderful experience
(Jamie Lee Skye)
Special thanks to my great friends Ms Jane and Miss Nova China for providing pictures and advice that I can never put a value on!

Daniel my sexy date and myself at the 2006 Rainbow Awards with me look absolutely stunning

Hello I'm Jamie Lee Skye. I have been around for around 1000 years or so. Over this time I have assembled 1000's and 1000's of photographs of many of Melbourne's best Drag Entertainers. Here they are displayed for your viewing pleasure
Once a amazing Drag Entertainer Mr. Michael Michelle told me Drag was worth work and a very special part of entertainment. Drag is a very special art form within itself and some of the most amazing entertainment you will ever see.

Dave from big Brother and myself having a kiss & a cuddle on the dance floor at Rainbow awards 2006

Photography is more than a hobby for me. It's a passion, the way I capture and celebrate life. In this album, I've assembled some of my favorite photographs.

His Worship the Lord Mayor of Melbourne Cr. John So and myself having a dance at Rainbow Awards 2006

Oh memories of being the Stolly Girl

Here you can see pictures of all your favourite Melbourne Drag Entertainers. Most of these photographs have been taken by me over the years and years I have been watching, producing and performing in drag productions.
On this site you will see pretty and not so pretty men looking like very pretty and glamorous women. Some absolutely stunning and some just as camp as camp can be. Each has there own endearing qualities and each has their own special charm that creates the very special character that they portray.

Daniel and myself at Rainbow Awards 2006

My old friend Lucy Loosebox and myself at Rainbow Awards 2006

Bob Down, Doug Lucas & myself at Rainbow Awards 2006

Well this is me Lamie Lee Skye. some say Socalite, some say ledgend some say trashy old mole

If you are a drag entertainer and want to be part of this site email me at and I will ensure that your photos are displayed

Me with Daniel at Diva Bar at Hard Pussy (15th November 2006)

Myself and steve the bouncer/ manager at DIVA Bar (November 2006)

Any information provided on this site is to the best of my knowledge true and correct at the time of printing, however if something is incorrect or misrepresented please email me so it can be changed as soon as possible
Copyright Jamie Lee Producions May 2006
All Photographs are copyright to C. F. Jamie Hogan 2006 unless other wise indicated and credited in which case these photos are the poperty and copyrighted to the persons business companies that are indicated.
Any photographs on this site can not be copied displayrd or used in any form unless with the expressed permission of C. F. Jamie Hogan or the persons busiesses or company that have generously lent them to me 
Special thanks to Mr. Leigh Klugger from Focus Magazine who has been very generous, lending me valuable photographs for the Focus Magazine archives and Mr. Laurie Dunstan for letting me take so many photographs at Saturday Night Greyhound


Just a few places where you
can see some of the girls doing
their thing each week

Shed 16 Night Club
16 Cumberland Drive Seaford
Greyhound Hotel Saturday nights
1 Brighton Rd St. Kilda
Heavens Door
Commercial Rd South Yarra
Xchange Hotel Five Nights a week
Commercial Rd Sth Yarra
DIVA Bar Five Nights a week
Commercial Rd Sth Yarra
Pink Saturday Nights
Inkerman St. St.Kilda
Market Hotel
Commercial Rd Sth Yarra
Star Hotel - Lotus Night on Wednesdays
Hoddle St Collingwood
Peel Dance Bar
Crn Peel and Wellington St. Collingwood
DT's Hotel - Saturday nights
Church St. Richmond
This site is updated weekly so send your pics and a bit about yourself to